FuturePerfect.Film is a new model production company born to meet the rapid evolution of how content is conceived and produced. Led by award-winning Director / Producer Summer Agnew we collaborate with anyone who needs content produced in a straightforward way from concept to completion and anything in between.

With the flexibility of scaling to meet the individual requirements of your brief, Future Perfect will land your project where you need, when you need, without any headaches. 

Have a look at our work and feel free to get in touch at any stage of your project - we'd love to discuss how we can help deliver your story to screens big or small.

Drop us a line collab@futureperfect.com

or call for a chat +64 21 778 003


FuturePerfect.Film delivers cost-effective production solutions across a variety of media platforms including TVC production, film, television, online content, corporate video, and creative reversioning. 15 years experience shepherding all manner of productions from script to screen ensures the process is as smooth as it is collaborative. To bring your project to life we'll assemble a talented team of New Zealand’s most experienced crew members around your production and ensure that, no matter the size of the project, high quality will be maintained from start to finish.

Previous happy collaborators include

“Dotting the i's and crossing the t's is what every producer looks for in a production company and Future Perfect delivers that in spades. Summer's ability to both produce and direct is second to none, he’s well regarded by crew and clients alike, and his delivery ahead of time and on budget was very much appreciated. You know you’re in good hands with Summer - I’m looking forward to working with him on many future (perfect) projects.”

-Fleur Swarbrick, Production Director, The Enthusiasts (creative agency)