The Daughter - short film

When a fantasy phone line operator receives the deathbed confessions of a regretful father, she must confront her own traumatic childhood to heal family-inflicted wounds.

Selected for London Short Film Festival January 2023
Flickerfest International Short Film Festival January 2023
Rhode Island International Film Festival 2022 Semi-Finalist
Interfilm Berlin script pitch lab

Starring Darneen Christian & Peter McCauley
With Indie Uhila, Ana Corbett, Madeleine Adams, Janine Burchett, Zoë Poutu Fay & Dr Afraz Adam

Written and Directed by Summer Agnew
Producer Summer Agnew
Line Producer Lissandra Leite
Executive Producer Dan Higgins
Associate Producer Luke Haigh
Development Producers Simone Ashton, Alex Cole-Baker
Development Consultants Christina Andreef, Desiree Cheer, Claire Kelly, Julia Penner & Marijana Verhoef
Cinematographer Darryl Ward
Editor Richard Shaw
Composer and Sound Designer Max Scott
Visual Effects Artists Mike Robinson and Leon Woods
1st Assistant Director Paul Grinder R.I.P
Production Manager Sandy May
Script supervisor Laurie Mannessier
Costume Designer Michelle Marchant
Costume Standby Erika Schaab-Farrant
Makeup Zara Ferguson
Art Director Alex Matthews
Art Assist Jordan Tarplette Lee
Production Sound Recordist Colleen Brennan
1st AC Kirsten Green
DIT Conrad Armstrong
Grip/Gaffer Spencer Locke Bonney
LX Assists Finn Shadbolt, Miten Raichura, Taylor Moffat & Harry Dowle
Production Runner Kieth Davidson
Catering Sophie Davidson
Stills Michael McArthur
DIT Assist Jack Feng
Location Scout Benny Tatton
Casting Consultants Catch Casting
Colourist Summer Agnew
Colour Facility Blockhead VFX

For their time, love and generous support the producers wish to thank Alison Jones, Peter Calder, Stephen & Lisa Agnew, Margaret Sage, Anja Neuhaus, Robyn & Trev, Seth Wilson, Evelyn Marsters & Dylan Wood, Hamish Kuka, Stephen Kang, Tanya Aspell, Rebecca Higgins, David Calder, Ulrike Von Bluecher, Jamie Delaney, Alek Stojanovik, Silke Bussemer, Arthur Gay, Kathleen Munson, Ruth Lynskey, Alexander Gandar, Stu Turner, Joe Fisher, Andrew Stroud, Grant & Julie Agnew, Jasmine Edgar, Steven Chow, Polly Fryer, Richard Knowles, Tim Riley, Robbie Schneider, Bronwen McInerney, K&D Sweeney, Tamara O’neill, Stephen Baker, Willow, Davina & Leon Woods, Dylan Pharazyn, Amelia, Fin, Caroline & Mike Robinson, Scrap & Graham Wall, Robyn Agnew, Shirleyanne Mcdonald Shaw, Mr Wolf, Fraser Brown, Nele Fritzsche, Sarah Dombrink, Lisa Cook, Chris Burt, Greg Fay, Sam Holst, Vaughan Slinn, Paul Brewer, Jude Mclaren, Dale Corlett, Ananda Kientz, Nadine Higgins, Nigel Mortimer, Stefan Coory, Adriana Arriaga, Andrewa Schwemmer, Gabriele Brunnenmeyer, Hannah Walker, Juliette Veber, James Watson and the incomparable Paul Grinder whose generosity, cool-head and wisdom will be remembered by many of us.

The Daughter was developed in association with Chocolate Fish Pictures with the support from the interfilm lab Berlin and the New Zealand Film Commission
© Summer Agnew 2022 All Rights Reserved